ColleXion 1

X's 1st year of eXploring & eXperimenting with A.I. artwork at DDG.
Shown in approXimate order of newest on top to oldest on bottom.

Pink desembodied rose flowers and white pale leaves are scattered about with other debris in a watery scene with back lighting.

Underwater Rosebush eXplosion

An older bearded man looking slightly bewildered against a 3-D background of shapes. Reds and yellows dominate the picture.

Periodically PerpleXed

A purple, black, and white dining room with thistle themed wall art and carpet.

Daring Décor: Thistle Themed Dining Room

A blue underwater scene with fantasy glowing kelp-like flowers.

Sea Flowers

An old yellow school house with a bell atop is seen under a vivid blue sky and in a field full of multi colored flowers.

School Daze

Turquoise, gray and white image that shows a female head covered in shapes. Her tongue is licking her lips.

I Taste Your Thoughts

An abstract image of a face amongst red, yellow, green, and black shapes under a starry sky.

The Persistance of Mondays

Green textured painting of a forest scene with sunlight shining through the trees onto the ground in the forefront.

A Memory from Yesteryear

A psychedelic sci-fi scene in red, purple and blue that shows a mountain on a slanted pedestal.

Slightly Slanted

A frozen river runs through the middle of a village that is set upon a rocky pedistal in a harsh cold looking back drop.

Frozen River

The pale white spirit of a rose, its stem, and leaves are seen against a pitch black background.

Spectral Rose

Near identical boys with white-blond hair and in striped sweaters are seen huddling together in a corner. The entire image is black and white, except for their blue eyes.


White mice with red glasses wear red and yellow outfits in a red surroundings with yellow spots.

Mighty Mice to the Rescue

Black and white image with red highlights and background of two near identical surreal heads facing each other.

Two Heads are better than One

Bizarre hybrid flowers that are have yellow dendelion flower and hald purple chives flower. Set against a green background made of stems and leaves.


An impossibly angled black and white house is covered in with and yellow daisy flowers.

Dream House with Daisies

A comfortable looking bed sits under a giant yellow daisy flower. The rug, wallpaper, and comforter all appear to made of daisies.

Daring Décor: Mother Nature's Bedroom

Black and white image shows a handsome older gentleman with a bird of prey. Bust patterned black and white background.

The Master of Propaganda

A shiny black creature with yellow stripes and four legs has a head with large ears, big red eyes, and a nose with a stinger.

Things that Sting

A well kept elderly woman is seen with seven of her assorted cats.

The Matriarch

A white bath tub is center stage in a black bathroom covered in yellow marigold flowers.

Daring Décor: Black Bathroom with Marigolds

Hot desert image with trees that have protected domes on them and their branches growing underneath.

Desert Domes

A dark silhouette of a stylized tree set against a slowly changing gradient sunset sky with planets.

When Planets come out to Play

Dark black and white stylized forest scene with a path zig-zagging into it.

A Path into Turmoil

A woman wearing a huge headdress made from purple and orange flowers. She is in a huge purple fabric and seen against a dark stormy sky.

Woman with assorted Flowers

White flowers and leaves that appear to be the ghost of a flowering plant. Eerie dark atmosphere.

Phantom Flowers

An image filled with green and purple. Giant hogwort flowers, chives flowers, and dandelion heads that have gone to seed.

Garden of Weedin'

Black and gray skyscrapers are seen behind a field full of white daisies and dark orange poppies.

Nothing but Flowers

Metallic golden roses and stems are seen against a blue-black background.

Flowers for a 50th Anniversary

An old black automobile is seen covered in marigold flowers.

Permanently Parked

Golden daisies are seen in a hilly landscape made of gold dust. A distant sun can be seen in the dark sky that has golden butterflies in it.

Golden Memories

Insect-like mechanical surveillance robots are seen in a bright yellow and black environment.

Teeny Tiny Surveillance Bots

Shiny futuristic golden skyscrapers are seen sparkling under a sky with several moons.

Golden Opportunities

A field filled with marigold flowers. In the center sits a small house covered in marigold flowers, while marigold flowers float in the sky.

Marigold Meadow

A black and white image of an older couple laughing hysterically while their noses touch each other.

Happy Monday

A hillside covered in daffodil flowers with a house and trees in the distance. Doffodile flowers floating in the sky like clouds.

Daffodil Dreamzzz

An alien landsape filled with sand, a few tumbleweed like plants, and many eroded rocky outcrops.

Brainless Erosion

A black sky above a field filled with yellowy-orange poppy flowers with detailed gray stems.

Persistant Poppy Population

Glowing multicolored biomorphic flowers as imagined under ultraviolet light.

The New View

An old blue barn sits in a field of flowers, it's roof is covered in plants.

Barn with Dilapidated Roof

Bleak black and gray image covered in thistle flowers. A village can be seen along the horizon, and it's also covered in thistles flowers.


A woman wears a futuristic black and yellow outfit with a large yellow helmut. A huge insect can be partially seen hanging off of the helmut


White shelters are seen beside a black lake under a blue sky with clouds. Grass, trees, and some snow.

Lakeside Camping in early Spring

Lower half of pictures shows red poppies and small white flowers populating a field. Upper half shows apartment buildings covered in huge red poppies.

Invasive Species

A sandy scene with emerging plants in the foreground, in the background baobob-type trees are seen.

Germinating Baobobs

Poisonous looking black, yellow, and red toadstools set against a black background.

Magical Monday Mushrooms 3

An intricate black and white drawing of detailed trees, their roots and trunks and branches.


A large white cat with huge red ears is sitting beside a small black cat about a tenth of its size. Both cats have piercing red eyes and are staring at the viewer.

Festive Felines

A snowy scene under a cold winter sky, with drifts and a half covered frosted over tree.

Daring Drifts

Abstract flowers se against a psychedelic yellow, lime green, and blue sky.

Queen Anne's Lace on Dope

A metropolis of tall slim skyscrapers is seen sitting in the clouds.

Downtown in Heaven

Speckled glowing flowers set against a black background


A blue sky with scattered clouds sits above a busy snow covered landscape of mountains and trees.

Busy lil' Landscape

Lakeside log cabins are set in a luch green forested scene under mountains.

Back Home in the Boonies

A strange combination of the three flowers sit in the center, surrounded by smaller flowers and a pond can be seen above them.

Daisies & Dandelions & Queen Anne's Lace Too

Glowing purple sea anemones with blue glowing highlights set against a dark background.

Scene from the Salty Sea

An adorned white dog sits in a green field surrounded by flowers. A dark sky is filled with flying butterflies. Dream-like.

Field of Dreams

A sci-fi scene of a white haired girl in a tight grey suit of some kind. Behind her are rounded shapes and 2 ferrets hiding in them.

Felicia and the Ferrets

An adorned pug dog with a crown sits on a shiny floor that has reflections from golden shapes in the background.

Pug Princess

A framed picture filled with twisted gray trees and buildings off in the distance. The center group of trees have a waterfall coming out of the them.

Fairy Tale

Odd shaped buildings sit on the waters edge under a psychedelic black, blue, and yellow sky. All is reflected in the water.

Summer Skies

A pink palace sits in a pond that is reflecting it and the pink trees and clouds.

Pink Pond Palace

A colorful picture of Daisies and Dandelions and a mixture of the two. Flower covered hills surround a pond under a colorful sky.

Daisies and Dandelions

Large green trees with detailed striped trunks sit on detailed green hills under a green sky with clouds.

A Good Day to be Green

A cute, plump dog-like creature with long ears sits on an orange floor. Behind it is an orange and black shape and butterflies can be seen flying.

Chinamite Remembered

Two large yellow and black fungus-like structure have striped stems and polka dotted tops. Many smaller similar shapes can be seen going off into the distance.

When Pods Reproduce

A spectral female being with no facial features can be seen materializing in a foggy backgound.

Misty Manifestation

A dark image filled with bright yellow and orange flowers. A black sky, a flower filled hill with two trees covered in the same type of flowers.

Spring has Sprung

A sandy desert-like scene with an oddly shaped formation with an large opening in it. A changing gradient sky that is dark on top changing to light on the horizon.

Alien Oasis

An abstract picture made from black and green swirling shapes that appear to be trees in the shade with bits of light shining through.

Shade & Shelter

A bizarre orange station wagon car with murals and a roof like a hat. Dark cloudy sky and little boats in the foreground.

Gone Surfin'

A patchwork of five abstract people in pastel colors set against a solid white background. The center person is slumpted over with intoxication.

Night out with Friends

A portal that is surrounded by sunflowers looks at a field filled with sunflowers as far as the eye can see. On the horizon sits a building and a tree covered hill.

Sunflower Portal

A crowded city scene filled with similar looking skyscrapes. It is a dark image and the buildings are lit with hundreds of tiny lights.

The Unusual Concept of Individualism

Black trunks can be seen through the very dense tree tops in this busy surreal scene of a rainforest.

Temperate Rainforest

Flower fields under a pure white sky with a black tree set on both right and left sides of the picture.

Spring Dreaming

Abstract image of a black twisted tree and detailed green leaves set against a white backgound.

Arbutus Tree in Spring

White and red houses with gray roofs are on the horizon of a field filled with yellow and red flowers. Flowers float in the changing gradient sky.

For leaflady

Pink sand with pink rocky formations that have caves. A changing gradient sky and puddles of reflecting water.

Pink Caves

A calico colored kitten with blue eyes is in a strange surreal environment that is covered in blacks dots set against creme colored backgrounds.

Domesticated Kitten

A path leads through a thickly forested garden all lit by the full moon.

Garden Path at Midnight

A bouquet of black flowers set against a white background with creme colored biomorphic shapes.

Big Black Bouquet

A picture made from shades of green that shows a well pedicured garden with a path and stairs that lead to some unknown location.

To Dream in Green

A surreal landscape of odd shapes is refected in what appears to be the sky. It's probably better viewed upside down.

It's Upside Down!

A bizarrely shaped building that resembles the number 23 is covered in windows and people. A rocky path leads up to it and behind it are many trees and a cloudy sky.


Mushroom-like plants with leaves glow and sparkle in a dark starry environment.

Fabulous Funky Flashy Floral Fungi

Surreal staircases covered in people float inside of a huge cave. An eclipse can be seen in the cave opening at the center of the picture.

Strange Stairs (and the people who use them)

A bird like creature with wings on its head, or perhaps even a statue, sits amongst old roman style columns.

Waiting for Perseus

A bleak colourless landscape of mountains, rocks, and a few scattered trees.


Strange shapes and a phoenix-like object appear in the sky above a sandy alien landscape with odd rocky protrusions.

The New Frontier

A surreal detailed tree with sunlight peeking through it is set against a starry night sky with clouds radiating around it.

Partly Cloudy

A furry lime green creature adorned with a bejeweled chest plate sits on a pathway in a field filled with dandelions.

Dandy Lion

Glowing blue roses and sparkling green leaves set against a black background. Looks similar to a black velvet painting.

Evening Roses 2

A mostly black and white image of a crowded forest or jungle with mismatched reflections in the water beside it.

Memories and RefleXtions

Tall, slim turquoise blue skyscapers crowded together under a turquoise blue sky.

Blue Metropolis

White trees with lit up windows in their trunks seen under a starry night sky.

Tree Houses

A group of flowers glow in different neon shades in a dark night time setting.

Bioluminescent Blossoms

A group of tulips are glowing with a warm light coming from within.

The Warmth of Spring

Blue roses and green leaves set against a black background. Looks similar to a black velvet painting.

Evening Roses 1

A winter scene filled with trees and snow that morph into one another. A sort of combination of the two.

Slippery Slopes

Black and white image of a four legged beast with horns and a beak. The sky is split to shows birds on one side and fish on the other.

Improbable Theory

An image made from shades of black and green shows a house in a tree and other odd homes in the bizarre background landscape.

Vacation Homes

A dark night time scene of a waterside downtown landscape filled with many lit skyscrapers. The sun can be seen coming up at the top of the picture.

Daybreak in Dystopia

A humanoid woman figure with shiny metallic skin is seen in the center of 2 other strange beings.

The Peculiar Inhabitants of Waterworld - Part 1

Two identical humanoid females with somewhat gelatinous heads.

The Peculiar Inhabitants of Waterworld - Part 2

Stange glowing biomorphic flowers, stems, and leaves are seen in a dark setting with other glowing shapes in the background.

Enchanted Evening

A rocky outcrop in yellow, black, and gray shades with yellow grass and golden trees.

Rocky Outcrop in Yellow

A glass sphere is set in a winter scene with sparkly snow and trees in the background.

Snow Globe(s)

A colorful underwater close up scene of sea anemones in assorted neon tones.

A Mermaid's Bouquet

What appears to be a bouquet made from glass has a few sharp points protruding from it.

Handle with Care

A group of psychedelic pink mushrooms set against a colorful morphing background.

Magic Monday Mushrooms 1

A black and white image of a busy winter forest scene made mostly of detailed tree trunks and roots.

Perfectly Camouflaged

A group of glowing lime green mushrooms at night, lighting their surroundings.

Magic Monday Mushrooms 2

An entrance to an underground cave is seen set against an arctic setting of snow, rocks, and strange buildings.


A woman is seen watching a land mass in the sky that is either leaving or about to arrive from where she is standing. Set against a dark stormy sky and buildings in the background.

Arrivals and Departures

Stone paths lead up to odd shaped buildings. Behind them there is a lake with many poles emerging and an abstract sky filled with gold and orange shapes.

Into the Distance

Blue seude stilettos are the focus of this picture. They sit on a pavement made of gold and blue shapes and a town setting in the background.

Still Life Stilettos

A tribute to Phyllis Diller which shows her face and upper body against a purple background with orange flowers.

Phyllis with Flowers

An abstract picture made from metallic rainbow shapes. Irises and pupils hidden amongst them.

Seen and Not Seen

A wintery scene with dark trees and melting snow drifts in the foreground, and a château-like building in the distance.


A bleak gray and black image showing buildings amongst trees and cobblestones.


An evil looking face with 2 beings attached to the top of it with large listening ears. Set against a background of gossiping mouths.

Hot Gossip

A misty forest scene showing buildings attached to the tree trunks. A commentary on deforestation and over population.

Forest Infestation

A table displays strange items in a nature setting with trees and mountains. Unrecognizable items and beings scattered about.

Display Table

A wind swept tree is in the foreground, back lit and set against an ocean scene in the background with mountains on the horizon.

Wind Dancer

An abstract painting showing a metallic creature in bleak surroundings.

A Song of Sorrow

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